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Every night you set your alarm and plan to have a great workout session in the gym. However, when the time approaches, you start getting second thoughts. If it’s early morning, you find it hard to get out of bed. If it’s late in the evening, you feel that you are too tired after a hectic day.

You decide to skip the gym and vow to make up the next day. However, the same thing happens again and again with maybe a good workout session once in 2 weeks, which is not enough. And then the lack of results forces you to abandon the idea of regular exercise and you are back to square one.

So, what is it that the regulars at gym do to achieve their fitness goals? Are they just lucky to have the motivation and persistence? Truth is that everybody lacks workout motivation in the start. You have to make some efforts to stay motivated at gym.

Following are some scientifically proven ways to be motivate yourself to go to gym and make the most of your workout.

Variety keeps you interested

To stay on top of your workout game, do not stick to the same exercise routine day after day. Instead, take advantage of your gym membership and indulge in a variety of exercises such as cardio, aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, or yoga. Different fitness programs will keep you interested but more importantly, you will get a healthier mind and body with holistic approach.

Gym buddy

It’s good to have a friend accompany you to gym. Even better, you can have a personal trainer who will not only motivate but also keeps you on track with the right mix of exercises and diet. Having a personal trainer is like having a friend who knows what works and what doesn’t work. It will save you from the early disappointment of getting no results because a personal trainer ensures you will achieve your goals.

Set realistic Goals

It is true that everyone wants to look good and that’s one of the biggest motivation t workout. However, focusing entirely on how you look and how others look is not a good idea. The reason is that your physique will take time in showing the kind of improvement or change you are looking for. Seeing very little or no results will demotivate you. It’s better to aim for a superior goal like improving your overall fitness and health levels because then you will start seeing results straightaway.

Celebrating small victories is important instead of waiting for the ultimate goal like getting the six-pack.

Go for some healthy competition

Having said that, it is good to have competitive approach in the gym that keeps you on your toes. Healthy competition can be between you and your friends or even other members.

Stop eating junk food

Eating unhealthy, high-sugar, or processed foods makes you tired, cranky, lethargic and unmotivated. Moreover, you are not going to reach your fitness goals with this type of diet. You need to stay on top of your nutrition that can positively fuel your mind and body to adopt a healthier lifestyle rather than sticking to a poor diet combined with half-hearted exercise sessions. It is important to understand that weight loss is 50% diet and 50% exercise. If you can control what you eat in a day, then you will surely achieve your exercise goal as well. Follow the chart devised by a nutrition specialist.

You should accept that you are only human and slight hiccups and a few bad sessions are part of the package. However, it is your long-term journey that matters. It is important that you don’t give up because the early days are going to be the hardest.



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